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Image by Fatih Yürür

Our story

The journey that launched Mama Khadija began by reminiscing the late nights Taraweeh prayers at the mosque, the after school Quran classes, Friday halaqas, the kids laughter you would hear after Jummah prayers, and a lot of memorable moments for kids that happened at the mosque. 

We created a product that caters towards encouraging kids to feel connected to Islam. By creating a personalized masjid for these little tikes will help the kids to learn more about how beautiful this religion is.


This product creates a fun environment where kids are able to fulfil their Islamic duties.

Mama Khadijah is a woman led business. It is Hanan Auzam's first time venturing out into the business world, she believes that this product will help grow the future Muslim ummah to be more connected to their spirituality.


She wants a better future for her child, nieces and nephews to have more of a positive learning environment that she grew up in. 


Behind the Name

Khadija R.a is admirable for her business ventures, who led and inspired many women in the coming generations to follow and be encouraged to fulfill their dreams. Khadija R.a. is a prominent Islamic figure not only to women, but to everybody. This business is a tribute to her and to all the women who go out of their comfort zone to fulfill their dreams and are resilient in accomplishing their goals.


And why Mama you ask? Because she is one of the Mother of all believers, these women are role models to all Muslims. Having role models that teach young kids to grow up to be the very people we look up to is the ultimate goal of Mama Khadija.

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